Letters to the Editors


Just wanted to thank Zel Allen for the Sinigang recipe in Vegetarian Journal Issue 2. We were able to get the ingredients we needed at a local international grocery store. I made the recipe as written, although I withheld some soy sauce and salt for health reasons. It was a lot of cutting, but my husband, my mother-in-law (86), and I all enjoyed it! We ate it over brown rice. The vegetable soup was succulent and exotic. My Filipina niece was excited that we were making one of her favorite soups! Thank you for the recipe. We really enjoyed this vegetarian adaptation of a traditional Filipino dish. I even took several photos of the ingredient preparation and the soup!

JoAnne W., via e-mail


I started getting Vegetarian Journal when I applied to The Vegetarian Resource Group's scholarship contest, and I have to say, I absolutely love it! There are so many interesting articles and recipes. It's really brought a lot to my vegetarian lifestyle; so thank you! I really enjoyed Hilary Blunt's article "Vegan Backpacking," in Issue 2. I can't wait to use those recipes and ideas for when I go hiking in Oregon! I can't wait to read more.

Emily R., CA


Thank you very much for the financial support. Because of this, my father will not have to log his land in northern Wisconsin to help pay tuition. Together we can move the world toward a more humane and sustainable society.

Amory F., VA


Thank you for hosting a great class day at The Vegetarian Resource Group! We all really enjoyed the event and I was especially grateful to your staff for sharing their individual experiences as vegans and vegetarians. I also appreciate your generosity. Thank you so much for all the resources you provided us with. I will definitely get a lot of use out of them as I start my career as a dietitian.

Nicki B.
University of MD Dietetic Intern