Letters to the Editors

Vegan for 25 Years!

This year I am celebrating a quarter century of being vegan, and the health and happiness that decision (made in 1991) has brought me. My motivation is and has always been compassion for the animals who are at the mercy of us humans.

Even years before I took that step, your group was hard at work informing the public about the benefits of a plant-based diet. I remember fondly your early, not-so-glossy publication, full of good information and encouragement.

My "vegan-versary" celebration includes donating money for each year of being vegan to great organizations like yours, whose mission includes helping non-human animals through the adoption of a vegan lifestyle. There are many to choose from, and I'm focusing on groups who get the connection between veganism and animal welfare and promote both, and which have been in the trenches for a long time. So of course VRG made my list!

Sandy M., Oregon

P.S. Thanks so much for mentioning my vegan B&B, the Cherokee Rosee Inn, in a recent issue!

More on Vegan Eating on a Carnival Cruise

I had a very similar experience — I was so afraid I was going to starve on the Carnival Cruise (Valor)! Instead, every single day, I was stuffed! I like the way it's worded in the previous letter to the editor, "It seems like the chef used it for creative freedom, rather than a burden." This is very true! Each night, I had a new meal — there was never a repeat! Breakfast and lunch were very filling as well: Asian, burritos, salad, fresh fruit, etc. If you're vegan and going on a Carnival Cruise, have no worries! You will NOT starve!

Alyssa, via VRG Blog

Veggie Options In and Near US National Parks

I wanted to add the following to your list:

  • Tenaya Lodge outside of Yosemite has their own restaurants, and at least one of them has clearly labeled vegan options.
  • Gunnison (Colorado) Vitamin and Health Store has a cafe inside with vegan options.

Krista, via email