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Cooking and Recipes

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American Cuisine

Baked Goods

Let Them Eat Vegan Cake – Decorating Ideas (Nov 2016)
Vegan Donuts (Aug 2016)


Comforting Casseroles (Feb 2007)


Cereal: It's Not Just for Breakfast Anymore! (May 98)

Chef John Shields

Chef John Shields (Nov 2016)


A Steaming Bowl of Red: The Spicy World of Vegetarian Chili (Jan 95)

Comfort Food

Baby Boomer Cooking (Nov 2010)
Comforting Casseroles (Feb 2007)
Modern Vegan Comfort Food (Feb 2016)
Vegan Comfort Foods (Jan 98)

Cowboy Cuisine

Vegan Cowboy Cuisine (May 2010)

Creole Cuisine

From Veal to Vegan, Creole Style (Aug 2010)

Dinner Ideas

A Primer for No-Hassle Dinners at Home (Feb 2011)


Citrus Magic (Nov 2013)
Crazy About Cranberries (Nov 2000)
Lighten Up with Citrus. (Feb 2005)
Exotic Produce 101 (May 2005)
Peach Passion (May 2006)
Perfect Pears (Aug 2004)
Roasting Vegetables & Fruit (Feb 2015)
Seasonal Meals - With Fruits and Vegetables Available in Late Winter and Early Spring (Feb 2010)
Secrets of the Seasonal Vegan (Aug 2010)


Garnishes! (Jan 97)


Bulgur the Noblest Food Achieved by Wheat (Feb 2004)
Taming of the "Wild Rice" (Mar 95)


Gourmet Grilling (Aug 2002)
Outdoor Feasts (May 2015)

Healthy Dishes

Vegan Dishes Without Added Oil, Salt, or Sugar (Feb 2014)


Cooking with Fresh Herbs (May 2013)

Low-Cost Dishes

The Frugal Vegetarian (Jul 97)
The Ghetto Vegetarian - Low Cost Meals (Nov 2012)

Meat Alternatives

Cooking with Tempeh (Feb 2016)
Loafing Around (Nov 2007)
Neatballs: The Vegan Answer to Meatballs (Mar 2001)
Veggie Burgers Rock! (May 2016)

Nuts and Seeds

Cooking with Nuts and Seeds (Sept 94)


Have a Panini Party (Nov 2010)

Picnic Ideas

Picnic Pleasures (May 2002)

Quick and Easy

Conveniently Vegan (May 97)

Raw Dishes

Raw Southwestern Cuisine (May 2009)

Regional Dishes

It's New Mex, Not Tex-Mex, Got it? (Nov 1995)
North of the Border Vegetarian Recipes (May 94)
Regional Cuisines (Aug 2004)


Deli Salads (July 2000)
Salads that Make a Meal (May 2005)
Warm Weather Salads Fit to be Meals (Aug 2015)


Vegan Munchies (Nov 2009)
Vegan Snacks for Athletes (Nov 2015)

Soul Food

Vegan 'Soul Food' for the Holidays (Nov 2011)


Stuffings for All Seasons (Nov 97)


Cooking with Jackfruit (Feb 2015)
Roasting Vegetables & Fruit (Feb 2015)
Seasonal Meals - With Fruits and Vegetables Available in Late Winter and Early Spring (Feb 2010)
A Passion for Peas (May 2016)
Secrets of the Seasonal Vegan (Aug 2010)
Vegan Roots (Nov 2008)


Wrap It Up! (May 97)
Wrapping It All Up! (Feb 2011)

Cooking and Recipes


Finger Foods for the Holidays (Nov 2015)

Athlete Snacks

Vegan Snacks for Athletes (Nov 2015)


Vegan Backpacking: Vegan Hiking Fuel (May 2013)

Bean Cookery

Bean Bag A primer of easy bean recipes (Nov 94)
Using the Ol' Bean (Jan 2001)
Lentil Mania (July 1994)


Dessert Smoothies (Aug 2016)
Moove Over Milk (Jan 96)
Our Coolers are the Coolest (May 1996)


Automatic Breadmaking (Jan 1995)
Whole Grain Vegan Quick Breads (Nov 2005)


Easy Holiday Potluck Brunch (Nov 2004)
Fabulous Wheat-Free Vegan Pancakes (Jul 99)
International Breakfasts (Nov 2011)
A Relaxing Weekend Brunch (Feb 2009)
Super Savory Breakfasts (Feb 2004)


Healthy Fast-Food for Pre-Schoolers (Nov 1994)
Kid-Friendly Vegan Entrees (May 2014)
Not Just PB & J: Tips for Packing a Lunch Box That's Sure to Please (Nov 2007)
Wholesome Baby Foods from Scratch (March 1995)


The Savory Side of Chocolate (Feb 2014)

Dairy Alternative Dishes

Moove Over Milk (Jan 1996)


Awesome Autumn Desserts From Our Past (Sept 2001)
Cheesecake (Feb 2008)
Cobblers, Crisps, & Crunches (Mar 98)
Cookies, Cookies, Cookies (Nov 2004)
Cooking with Coconut Flour and Coconut Sugar (Aug 2010)
Easy as Apple Pie (Aug 2006)
Fabulous Apple Desserts (July 1995)
Fruit Sorbets (Jul 98)
Let Them Eat Vegan Cake – Decorating Ideas (Nov 2016)
Vegan Biscotti (May 2005)
Vegan Donuts (Aug 2016)
Whole Grain Baking (Feb 2002)

Dry Mixes

Mix Things Up (Jan 1995)

Cooking and Recipes

Edible Vegan Gifts

Edible Vegan Gifts for the Holidays (Nov 2009)

Egg Substitutes

Soy-Free Egg Substitutes (Feb 2012)

Ethnic Cuisine


Delightful Eggplant Dishes from the Middle East and North Africa (May 2010)
The Rich Flavors of African Cuisine (May 2008)


Authentic Chinese Cooking (Nov 2005)
Camels and Caravans: From Afghanistan to the Vegan Table (Feb 2010)
Chinese Cooking - From a Study Abroad Student (Aug 2013)
Eating Off the Streets--Food Cruising in Thailand (Jul 99)
Fiesta Filipino (Sep 99)
Going Amok in Cambodia (May 2014)
Healthy Asian Cuisine (Nov 2004)
Japanese Vegetarian Cuisine (July 96)
Kimchi: Chef Nancy Berkoff spotlights this spicy Korean cabbage dish. (May 2004)
Living Among Coconuts: Filipino Cuisine to Grace the Vegan Table (May 2013)
May Kaidee the Vegan Thai Goddess and My Visit to Plum Village Monastery (Aug 2016)
Miso Soup - It's Vegetarian Soul Food (Jan 2000)
A Vegan in a Refugee Camp on the Thai-Burma Border and Vegan Cuisine in Penang, Malaysia (May 2016)
Vegan Japanese Noodle Dishes (Aug 2003)
Vegetarian Vietnam (Mar 2000)


Cuban Family Cooking in a Vegetarian Kitchen (Aug 2006)
Jamaican Ital Cuisine (Feb 2013)


Balkan Cuisine (Feb 2004)
Classical Wine-Based French Sauces (May 2000)
Dairy-Free Pizzas & Calzones (Nov 2002)
Regional Italian and Sicilian Pasta Sauces (Nov 2001)
Sicilian-Style Vegan Cuisine (Feb 2005)
Turkish Delights (Mar 95)
Vegan Polish Dishes (July 2001)
Vegetarian History Lessons from A Greek Chef (July 1995)
Voila! Vegan Does French (Nov 98)


Crazy About Chutney (Mar 99)
Lowfat, Indian & Vegan! (May 96)
Vegan Fare from India (Feb 2008)
Patra: Spicy Green and Gold (May 2008)


Fiery Vegan Dishes From Around the World (May 2006)
International Breakfasts (Nov 2011)


Lowfat Jewish Vegetarian Cooking (Mar 94)


A Cinco de Mayo Fiesta (May 2007)
Vegan Mexican Dishes (Aug 2014)
Vegan in a Mexican Household (Feb 2011)
Vegan Mexican Meal Plan (Aug 2014)

Middle Eastern

Being Vegan in Cairo (Nov 2016)
Falafel – Healthy Middle Eastern Hamburgers Capture the West (May 2007)
Delightful Eggplant Dishes from the Middle East and North Africa (May 2010)
Pakistani Vegan Cuisine (Aug 2016)
Persian Cuisine: Veganized (Feb 2012)
Tasty Vegetarian Recipes from Egypt (May 1995)
Vegetarian Soups from the Middle East (Sept 1995)

South American

A Taste from the Andes (Nov 1995)
A Taste of Ecuador (Aug 2013)
Chile Sin Carne (Aug 2011)
Doing the Vegan Tango – Recipes from Argentina (Nov 2011)
Guatemalan Vegan Cuisine (Nov 2010)
La Bodega y el Vegetariano: Palate-Pleasing Shopping and Cooking Sin Carne (Feb 2006)
Peruvian Vegan Cuisine (May 2011)
Soups of South America (Feb 2012)
Vegan Tamales (Nov 2006)

Cooking and Recipes

Fava Beans

Cooking with Fava Beans (Aug 2011)


Perfect Pears (Aug 2004)

Gluten-Free Cuisine

Gluten-Free Cuisine (Nov 2006)

Hawaiian Luau

Come Let's Kau Kau at the Vegan Luau! (May 2015)

Holiday Cuisine

Celebration Meals (Aug 2012)
For My Valentine (Jan 99)
Let's Party! (Sept 98)
Easy Holiday Potluck Brunch (Nov 2004)
Matzo Desserts and Vegan Easter Eggs (Feb 2010)
Thanksgiving Gone Deliciously Vegan (Nov 2013)
Vegan 'Soul Food' for the Holidays (Nov 2011)
Finger Foods for the Holidays (Nov 2015)
Holiday Soups (Nov 2015)

Maple Syrup

Cooking with Maple Syrup (Feb 2009)

Marinades and Vinaigrettes

Secrets of Inspired Marinades and Vinaigrettes (Aug 2005)

Meal Plans

Low-Cost Vegan Meal Plans (May 2006)
Quick and Easy Low-Cost Vegan Menus (Feb 2003)

Meat Alternatives

Loafing Around (Nov 2007)
Seitan--The Vegetarian Wheat Meat (Mar 96)
Veggie Burgers Rock! (May 2016)


Natural Toxins in Sprouted Seeds (July 95)
Support Natural Foods (Sept 96)
Wild Flours: Cooking with non-wheat flours (Jan 94)


The Many Faces of Miso (Feb 2006)

Pancakes as a Meal

Super Savory Pancakes (May 2009)


Make-Ahead Baked Pasta Delights (Nov 2005)

Quantity Recipes

VRG Quantity Recipes in Use at Summer Camp (Nov 95)

Cooking and Recipes

Salad Dressings

Dress Up Your Salads – Classic Dressing for Summer Fare (May 2004)
Flavorful Salad Dressings Without the Oil! (May 99)


Cold Salads for Warm Months (May 2010)
Cool, Crisp Summer Salads (May 2007)
Salads that Make a Meal (May 2005)
Warm Weather Salads Fit to be Meals (Aug 2015)

Sandwich Spreads

Fast Sandwich Spreads (Aug 2008)


Pita Pockets (Feb 2003)


Cheese-Less Sauces (May 2008)


Hot, Hearty Soups for Cold Winter Days (Feb 2005)
Holiday Soups (Nov 2015)


Thickeners: Strategies, Tips, and Tricks for Using These Cooking Agents (Feb 2007)

Vegan Cuisines

Street Vendor Fare (Aug 2009)
25 Vegan Cuisines: The Reasons, the Regions, and the Remarkable Recipes (Aug 2007)

Vegan "Seafood"

International Maritime Stews (May 2003)
Virtual Seafood in a Vegetarian Reality (Jan 97)

Cooking and Recipes


The Cabbage Gourmet (Nov 95)
Carrot Cookery (Feb 2003)
Carrot Cuisine (Jan 95)
Cooking with Early Spring Greens (Feb 2013)
Cooking with Leaves (Aug 2005)
Exotic Produce 101 (May 2005)
The Green Scene: Green vegetables (May 94)
How to Cook Mouthwatering Greens (May 2001)
A Multitude of Mushrooms (Nov 2012)
Mushrooms: Conquering the Fear of Fungi (Sept 1994)
Must Pumpkins Always Be Pie? (Sept 1995)
A Passion for Peas (May 2016)
Patra: Spicy Green and Gold (May 2008)
Potato Power (Sept 1993)
Splended Squash (Sept 1994)
Sweet and Savory Sweet Potatoes (Nov 99)
Terrific Tomatoes (Jul 97)
Vegan Cooking Tips: Summer Squash (May 2009)
Vegan Roots (Nov 2008)
Veggie-Stuffed Veggies (Sept 95)
The Versatile Vegan: Cauliflower (Aug 2015)

Vegetarian Shopping

Food Cooperatives: Save Money and the Earth (Sept 96)

Weight Control

Weight Control the Vegan Way (Feb 2006)

Cooking and Recipes

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